It Happens Only For Varma

By - July 16, 2014 - 11:05 AM IST

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RGV came up with an explanation about the commercial aspects of his recent release Ice Cream and how he made it at a throwaway cost of 2 lakhs plus and the factors which led to such cost effective project. While that is accepted, a question is being put at him by the other filmmakers.
They are asking “Because it is you and your brand it is working, if someone else goes with the same script and approaches the cast or technicians it would never work. Even the theaters in which Ice Cream was released, touched 200 plus in both states. This is because it has become an established sentiment that there will be minimum openings for RGV’s films. If we make a film like that, which theatre will take it?”
As such, RGV has pioneered many things as a maverick filmmaker. He has redefined the usage of sound and the various facets of camera technology which led to cost effective filmmaking that creates more impact on the audience. So now, the rest of the filmmaking clan is stating that just like how Ramu is bringing a revolution in filmmaking, if he can come up with a way through which the films can be brought to the theatres or to the public through any other platform.

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