A Crazy Combination Set For Robo 2?

By - July 18, 2014 - 06:26 PM IST

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Shankar is a man full of surprises! He tries to enthrall the audience with one or the other surprise in his films. His upcoming Ai has a song shot in almost 8 different countries. And now his much anticipated Robo 2 has something much bigger and exciting to wait for.

Since Ai is at the verge of its completion, everyone is talking about Robo 2 now. According to Chennai sources, plans are being made to rope in none other than Aamir Khan as the lead baddie in his dream project Robo 2. Aamir Khan has already played the villain in his previous release Dhoom 3.

Well, for the ones who think this is just prediction, let us remind you Shankar has got Sharukh Khan to do a cameo in his Robo which unfortunately did not materialize. Above all, who would deny a Rajinikanth’s film?

So, chances are bright for this unique combination to materialize. Let’s wait and see!

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