Posani is Very Sensitive: Writer Vema Reddy

By - July 18, 2014 - 07:00 PM IST

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Dialogue Writing is one of the most challenging fields in Cinema. It is not an easy task to write hard hitting, simple and thought provoking dialogues for a film. In the midst of fresh talents relating to dialogue writing, Vema Reddy is one person who has made his mark with his recent successful film Race Gurram as a dialogue writer. He is also venturing into directing with Sumanth Ashwin in the lead role. On the eve of Race Gurram completing 100 days, here is an iQlik exclusive chit chat with the writer.

Hello Vema Reddy Garu..Congratulations on Race Gurram Completing 100 Days..
Thanks a lot…

How did the journey of dialogue writing begin for you?
I hail from Mantrayalam, the temple town in Kurnool District. After my plus 2, I came to Hyderabad without much idea of how to work in Films. I was then introduced to Rahim, a driver from film industry through some friends. He initially did not promise me any sure shot opportunity but said he would introduce me to some film personalities. It was how I met Posani Krishna Murali garu. I worked with him for hit films like Snehithulu, Sivayya and Pelli Cheskundam. Later I worked in Editor Mohan’s team for Manasicchi Choodu, Kshemanga Velli Labhanga Randi which were good hits too. From Dil, I kept working in Dil Raju Banner.

How did the association with director Sukumar come up?
Myself, Sukumar and Prakash (the director of Naa Ishtam) were roommates and good friends. Right from Arya, we have been working together.

How was it becoming the official writer for big banner films?
I've learnt a lot in dialogue writing and direction over the years. It is indeed a great opportunity and experience working for big films like Tadakha, Toofan and recently Race Gurram. I'm glad I could realise my dream.

Please tell us about your association with Allu Arjun..
I know Allu Arjun since Arya days and he is a very good friend of mine. We worked together for Arya 2 and Race Gurram as well. He is a great friend and I should say he is one of the most down to earth heroes I've ever met in my life.

How did the hilarious Kill Bill Pandey Brahmi episode come up for Race Gurram?
Vakkantham Vamshi already wrote the basic storyline for it. And myself, Vamsi and Surender Reddy worked hard to develop a unique characterisation for Brahmanandam sir. It is undoubtedly our team work that got such hilarious comedy.

Do you have any influences in dialogue writing?
Posani Krishna Murali garu is my inspiration. I learnt a lot working with him. He treated me as a brother and you may wonder, he is actually very sensitive at heart. He is quite affectionate and treats his associates with utmost care.

How did books help you in dialogue writing?
My personal favorite is Telugu Literature. My dad used to introduce me to soviet land books when I was young. I also ventured into western literature, and Russian literature. I am an avid reader and love to buy new books. It really helped me a lot in my career because whenever I think of writing a dialogue, I relate it to a similar situation in a book I read.

Your directional venture is going to be up soon?
Yes. I am doing a new film with M.S.Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin. It is a feel good love story. Sai Sriram is doing the camerawork and music shall be composed by Mickey J Meyer. 50% of the shooting is finished. Will let you know further details very soon. We are planning to release the film in either November or December.

Can we see Sukumar’s influence in your upcoming film as you quoted it is a love story?
There would definitely be some influence because we grew up together in career. But one can see my own style too.

Of late, many dialogue writers are venturing into direction. What is your comment on it?
I always wanted to be a director. Thanks to my dad for introducing me to books at a very early age, which eventually inspired me towards dialogue writing. And in my career, I've been learning direction in parallel. And Yes... it is indeed a good change in our Telugu industry. And we are thankful for all the big heroes who are trusting us and encouraging. 
Okay..Thank you and wish you’re the best for your upcoming projects!
Thank you so much!

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