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“A Good Time Pass Gurram...No Logic Only Magic!“

Posted: 15 April 2014-02:14 AM

Laxman alias Luckie (Alllu Arjun) and Ram (Shyam) are two siblings who grow up as arch rivals who often indulge in a cat and mouse fight often. Ram is a sincere cop while Luckie is a jobless happy-go-getter who falls in love with Spandana (Shruthi Haasan) which her father Beem Prakash (Prakash Raj) doesn't approve of. Ram interferes in the lovestory of Luckie and lets him down before Spandana's dad trying to avenge an insult done by Luckie previously. Siva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) is a highly influential goon who wishes to foray into politics. Siva Reddy eliminates a sincere cop Sameer who gathers all the evidence against his illegal activities. Those evidence are handed over to Ram and while he is trying to curb Siva Reddy's political nomination proceedings, Luckie (who is ignorant of this fact) runs off with Ram's vehicle that carries all the crucial evidences against Siva Reddy as a part of avenging his brother's interference. Feeling Ram a threat to his political career, Siva Reddy sketches a car accident plan to eliminate Ram and thus sends his henchmen to attack Ram's car (which Luckie snatches off). Luckie who eventually learns of this, develops rivalry with Siva Reddy. So, where and how this revenge saga ended forms the crux of the story.

Allu Arjun: Though he was compared to a 'Race Gurram', he was indeed the jockey of the plot. He carried the film on his shoulders exceptionally well. His antics and histirionics absolutely leave you impressed. His "Daavdaa" is aready a hit! And his comic timing has improved by folds. Though he disappointed particularly with his dances and those out-of-the world fights, he won the cake with his sheer acting. Watch out, he has got a big surprise for you in the second half.

Shruti Haasan: Though she initially seemed like trying a new spoon in the film with a typical character 'Spandana', she was restricted back to her usual routine of songs and climax appearance. But, with this film she announced that she is a stunning dancer too. Especially, she was electrifying in the mass number "Cinema Soopista Mama.." and "Down Down Duppa" as well.

Shyam: He was as usually impressive as a cop and the elder brother of Bunny as well. They both were so believeable as siblings and exhibited some brilliant chemistry. Though he needs to get his act right with respect to dialogues, otherwise it was a treat watching him in the film alongside Bunny. But, unlike his character in 'Kickk', his character 'ACP Ram' in the film has no act worthy mentioning except some sentimental scenes and a few comedy scenes.

Ravi Kishan: He is the new star of the show. We know him as a brilliant actor and with this film, he once again proved why he is highly regarded. But his character 'Siva Reddy' that triggers off as a crancky and shrewd baddie eventually turns into a cartoon towards the end. However, this new face will pay off.

Brahmanandam: This comedy superstar enters as a surprise in the film and snatches away the entire credit of the film's fate. His character as frustrated special officer 'Kill Bill Pandey' is outstandingly hilarous. You might laugh your guts out particularly in a sequence with the villain in the second half.

Ali: He is back with his most lovable 'Dr. Bali' character. Though his scope is limited in the film, he was exceptional in his part. His comedy with JP is the highlight one.

Saloni: This beauty has a petty role as the lady love of Shyam. She was impressive with her acting but her Telangana accent rather looked forced.

Prakash Raj:Can you believe an exemplary actor like him was under utilized in the film? This was a wasted opportunity and Prakash Raj's character 'Beem Prakash' looked undoubtedly cartoonic and absurd though it managed a few gags. The characterization was innovative but unfortunately he was absolutely forgotten (not even before the Subham card!)

The rest of the cast Thanikella Bharani, Mukesh Rishi, Posani, Srinivasa Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh, Jabardast Venu, Raghu Babu, MS Narayana and others did a decent job in the limited spaces provided.

Surender Reddy is an intelligent filmmaker. Instead of following his usual routine of crime and suspense thrillers playing around with screenplay, he steered towards out and out family entertainer this time. Race Gurram was the most entertaining film made by Surender Reddy so far. He got his characters and icing right, ofcourse, with a flawed and illogical story. However, he was successful in pulling off a full-to family entertainer with an entertaining gurram like Bunny.

- Allu Arjun's acting, his comedy timing and peculiar histirionics in the film. He sucessfully pulls off the first half single-handedly.
- Brahmanandam as 'Kill Bill Pandey' is the biggest asset of the film. Might be a late entry in the film but he wins the show hands down.
- Comedy that was distributed equally through out the film.
- The interesting characterisations and a decent screenplay that was played with wit.
- An absolutely shrewd and entertaining plot between the hero and villain in the first half.
- Shruti Haasan's glamor especially in the song "Cinema Soopista Mama..."

- A flawed and flimsy story that rather appeals like an exaggerated cartoon that defy all possible logics and reasoning.
- The pre-climax and climax episodes are one of the most implausible writing in recent times.
- Out of the world fights.
- Disappointing dances except "Down Down Duppa..." song.
- Under utilized casting and under played characters.

In a nutshell, the first half wins over the second half. You can watch the first half for Bunny and Second half for Brahmi.

Thaman gave a chartbusting album that any director can ever expect for a commercial entertainer. But, his background score in the film went rather unnoticed. The songs were all picturized well.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa was the biggest asset of the film. His lighting especially in the action sequences and songs was incredibile. He brought an absolutely fresh tinge and beauty to the film. Editing by Gautam Raju was commendable. Art Direction was also impressive.

Race Gurram is a good entertaining time pass film that one can undoubtedly watch along with their families. If you want two good reasons to watch the film - it is Bunny and Brahmi [You can watch the first half for Bunny and Second half for Brahmi]. Well, Hit or Average, it's for you to decide!

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