Anyone Can Become A Music Director

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Do you have a high-speed internet connection? If yes, you can also become a music director with a simple search on YouTube. Yes, we are talking about the current generation of musicians and their hit songs that we are listening every day.

We’ve seen many of the Indian music directors getting inspired from the western music and using the same/altered tunes in their films. Our Tollywood composers are not an exception to this copy and paste process and we get to see instances of free-lifts every now and then.

The latest musician to join this copy-paste list is SS Thaman and his recently released Race Gurram album is the main reason for him to get into this list of inspirational music. “Sweety…” song in Race Gurram was one of the most successful tracks in the recent times and we just got to know that the song was an inspired version of ‘Amandoi...’ – a Romanian hit song. This was composed, written and produced by “Matteo” and was an instant chart buster with over 3.5 million hits on YouTube.

SS Thaman has cleverly altered the tune and chorus a bit and used it for Race Gurram. Though this looks like a case of inspiration, Thaman is being flooded with many hate messages for lifting a Romanian song! Thaman was involved in a similar kind of act in the past for other films like Businessman and Kick too!

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