RGV Should Have Done This

By - July 18, 2014 - 10:44 AM IST

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There are no questions asked when anyone in film industry says Ram Gopal Varma is an eccentric genius and he may not taste success but each film has got many new things to learn. Recently he came up with the film Ice Cream which evoked mixed reactions. But those who admire RGV have got a word of suggestion to him.

They say that instead of straight horror flicks, this is the trend of horror comedy so Ramu should come up with something like that. It is heard that even the new film Geethanjali starring Anjali which was to come as a proper horror flick is coming in a changed version like horror comedy. In a way, the trend has been set by Maruthi’s Prema Katha Chitram.

For that matter, even the dubbed flick Kanchana starring Lawrence comprised of the same formula. If the entertainment quotient is there, success rate is better. Pure horror films even if watched in groups don’t set a good feel. Also, if it is shot in the same location boredom occurs. The audience can mix fear with entertainment and they will be more connected to the film that way. Well, these are the words of wisdom coming in but will RGV really pay heed to it?

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