7 Eccentric Characters Only Rajendra Prasad Can Do

By - July 19, 2014 - 11:37 AM IST

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Telugu Comedy was given a special dimension thanks to Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad. With his unique histrionics and tremendous comedy timing, Rajendra Prasad’s work still continues to generate laughter through his amazing acting skills. A trained actor from Madras Film Institute, Rajendra Prasad earned gold medal in the discipline of 'Mono Action' during his course. This fantastic actor is celebrating his birthday today and iQlikmovies brings you the seven eccentric characters which can be played only by the Nata Kireeti!

Sundaram from Ladies Tailor:  Telugu Cinema featured characters relating to tailor profession in lesser duration but this is perhaps the only film which featured the hero in a Ladies Tailor role. Rajendra Prasad took the character 'Sundaram' to the next horizons with his unique histrionics. This film gave a break for Rajendra Prasad as a comedy actor along with director Vamshi as a different director.

Ram Babu from Kobbari Bondam: It is quite common to see an innocent hero turning confident and teaching villains a lesson. But what happens if the hero changes his appearance to a stout man in such a convincing way that people would be enthralled? The similar situation happens in Kobbari Bondam where our hero Ram Babu appears in a stout person’s attire and the film carries a great message as well. Putiing on extra make up for the role of a hefty personality which is being hyped today is something Rajendra Prasad pioneered long back.

A. Appa Rao from Appula Appa Rao:  This film can be termed as modern Comedy Classic in Telugu Cinema for what it offers. The hero is featured as a clever and practical person who cheats people for money in a hilarious and logical manner. This goes away from the regular trend of heroes where he is supposed to be idealist and good natured. Rajendra Prasad breathed life into the character with his own touch such that we can imagine no else but Rajendra Prasad for that character. Of course. nobody can forget the "Chippa, Pandu and Billa” episode from this film.

Magician from Mayalodu: Telugu Audience are used to see the hero perform magic by getting external powers but till then no hero was featured in the role of a wizard. Despite being a social drama, the film offers complete entertainment, and Rajendra Prasad makes this film memorable with absolute aplomb and panache. He brought a new wave of Telugu Cinema with Mayalodu.

Dubbing Artist Prasad/ Madam from Madam: It is not at all an easy task to carry female attire throughout the film with the suitable body language and dialog delivery yet still making healthy comedy. Rajendra Prasad does a great job as Dubbing Artist Prasad who happens to transform his appearance as Madam and later fighting for women’s rights. Every aspect of the lady appearance was taken care so perfectly in this film. If not for Rajendra Prasad, the character wouldn't have been elegant yet hilarious.

Title Role in Rambantu: Acting with the realistic histrionics of a monkey is definitely not a cake walk for even an extremely talented actor. Director Bapu once again brings the best of Rajendra Prasad with a unique experiment of featuring the hero as a loyal servant of the house in the form of Rambantu. The best side of Rajendra Prasad as an actor can be clearly seen in this film.

Title Role in Quick Gun Murugan: The role of 'Rice Plate Reddy' in the international film Quick Gun Murugan is indeed a prestigious one and the makers found Rajendra Prasad alone who could do justice to it. This role earned Rajendra Prasad an international fame for his stupendous performance as the funny South Indian Cowboy. His accent, histrionics, and funny mannerisms made the audience wonder the acting caliber of this exemplary South Indian actor.  Nobody can forget the funniest one liner “Mind it!” used hilariously by the character.

iQlikmovies wishes the 'Nata Kireeti'- the actor par excellence a very happy birthday and a phenomenal year ahead!

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