Film Celebs Afraid To Travel

By - July 19, 2014 - 10:54 AM IST

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The lifestyle of a film celebrity is filled with choc-o-block schedules and they live their lives in suitcases (that means they spend half their time in traveling to various places) as a part of their profession. While there’s fun and excitement involved in visiting different places in the World, there are also those scary moments which haunt them.
One such scary moment is haunting our Tollywood celebrities who are currently in the USA. Apparently, a group of film celebrities are currently in the US to take part in the NATA Celebrations in Atlanta. Usually the tour would be around one month or so. But right now, it's heard that they are having jitters to fly back. Well, the reason for this is, they have to fly from Ukraine Airspace.
After the latest incident involving Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, the celebs are thinking twice on whether it's the right time to get into Aircraft now or not. It is not that that the same incident is going to happen again, but then fear complex is something which is givng them sleepless nights. Well, let's hope the fear complex subsides and our celebs come home soon safely.