Heavy openings for Alludu Seenu

By - July 25, 2014 - 10:55 AM IST

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There are some films that come with a lot of hype but end up becoming damp squibs at the box office. But then there are also films that come in with a genuine hype and stand to meet the expectations of the audience in the theatres. A new film which belongs to the latter category is the much talked about Alludu Seenu.

After creating a very positive vibe through its songs and teasers, the film hit the screens today and initial reports are flowing in. The data reveals that the film has seen very heavy openings and the major percentage of the audience was the youth during the morning show and matinee.

The talk is also spreading that the family audience is having enough for their entertainment in this film so if they start arriving then the film would reach the success mark in no time. The versatile performance of debutante hero Srinivas and the glamorous presence of Samantha seems to have been the key factors for this result.

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