Chitra- A Timeless Playback Singer in Tollywood

By - July 27, 2014 - 09:53 AM IST

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The most awaited day 26th July has arrived at last. As the day progresses towards a typical weekend evening, Hyderabad is suddenly graced with drizzle. The streets are washed away with the welcoming rain and the traffic bustles around in a scattered manner. However, Madhapur is an exception because the area is always busy with traffic. Shilpakalavedika, one of the most celebrated cultural venues in Hyderabad is however strangely calm when looked from the outside. The place looked like a new pearl which has been musically blessed by rain and gets a different aura in this setting.

Suddenly, a bunch of youngsters rush towards the venue in order to escape the rain and occupy the seats inside. A middle aged woman speaks on phone in a delighted manner saying, “We have finally made it to the Chitra programme!”.  This statement makes the writing obvious. We are talking about the musical event Chitra’s live in concert which happened yesterday in Hyderabad.

In the midst of mellowed down management, and no usual hurried up style in which typical programmes happen in Hyderabad, Chitra graces the stage by her ever humble smile and a Namaste to the audience.  She gets the loudest applause and few people even stand and applaud as a mark of devotion and respect.  There was absolutely no disturbance or the little hiccups which happen because of the management as the event was brilliantly designed, thanks to One India Foundation- the prime organizers of the event.

As the nightingale of South India begins to sing a prayer “Madhuramu Kaadha” from Jagapati Babu starrer Oka Chinnamata, there is utter silence in the auditorium. The moment the song was completed, there was a thunderous applause, whistles and frenzy all around. Her timeless voice has already created a magical atmosphere with just the introduction song.

She continued her magic with noteworthy solos like Mounamgane Edhagamani, Asalem Gurthukuradhu , Kannanule, Venuvai Vacchanu along with amazing duets like Eenade Edho Ayindhi, Anjali Anjali (Duet), Urike Chilaka, Telusa Manasa with an upcoming singing talent of the town- Abhiram.  It was interesting to see fans from Tamil Nadu and Kerala requesting songs from their respective languages as well and Chitra sweetly obliged their requests. The Malayalam medley which she performed became one of the highlights of the programme and proves the magnanimity of Telugu Audience in accepting music as it is- irrespective of language or region.

Throughout the programme, there were shouts like “Chitra ma’am we love you!”, “Chitra Chechi ONCE MORE!”, “Please sing the song from Varsham!”, with such admiration and vigor which would enthrall anybody.  When the finale arrived, Chitra sang her all time hit “Ye Swaasa Lo Cherithe” and as the song progressed towards the end, the management announced about her birthday which is on 27th and felicitated her in a unique manner.

The legendary playback singer celebrated her birthday in the presence of loving fans, screams and utmost devotion by the orchestra as well as supporting singers.

There are many singers who graced the land of Telugu Cinema from neighboring states but Chitra became one of those unique playback singers and a humble personality who still maintains a mesmerizing fan base and her evergreen rendition of amazing songs.  People like Chitra are not only inspiring in a professional level but also in a personal level as they surprise everyone with extreme humbleness and an unfaltering smile! One of the best moments of the programme as Chitra coming near the fans after the show and throwing a bunch of flowers in thankfulness- leading to deafening cheers!
iQlikmovies.com wishes the fantastic singer K.S.Chitra a musical birthday and a great year ahead!

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