Dialogue King Saikumar Birthday Special Interview

By - July 27, 2014 - 10:18 AM IST

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Dialogue King Saikumar has made his mark as one of the most versatile actors in Telugu Cinema. He earned the admiration of not only Telugu Audience but also in Kannada lands. He gave life to many roles with his amazing voice. Saikumar has acted in all South Indian languages and made his presence felt. The talented actor is celebrating his birthday today and here is an exclusive chitchat from iQlik:

Hello Saikumar garu..many happy returns of the day!
Hi.. Thanks a lot.

How do you feel about your acting journey till now?
Right from 1996-2002 I was acting in films in the lead role. But after Samanyudu, I decided to choose interesting roles irrespective of being a hero or not. I looked totally contrasting in Samayudu, Prasthanam and Yevadu. Compared to Yevadu, Auto Nagar Surya featured me in a different role. I am feeling very glad about the way in which my acting journey has shaped up.

What are your upcoming projects currently in progress?
I will be seen as a powerful police officer in film produced by NTR Arts Banner which has Kalyan Ram as the hero. I am also acting in Gopichand Malineni’s Pandaga Chesko in a role parallel to Jagapati Babu’s character. In another film Evariki Evaru, I am acting as a devotee of Lord Shiva.

You got a great name with the role of Agni in Police Story. How do you feel about it when you look back?
Oh yes. Police Story has become one of the path breaking roles for me as an actor. The portrayal of Agni , a police officer with different shades was greatly received by Telugu as well as Kannada Audience. In fact, I am planning Police Story 3 now.  This wouldn’t be a sequel film and my get up is that of a New Age Police Officer. I am planning risky action episodes so that the film would get a great look.

Any plans of acting along with your son Aadhi in upcoming films?
Well, with the inspiration of Manam we wish to do a film involving three generations of our family. However, I am waiting for a good storyline. Earlier I heard a story in Kannada but eventually wasn’t satisfied. I want to act in an action packed family drama on the lines of Pandem Kodi. In this project, my dad also would be acting. If things go well, we are planning to start this film on Aadhi’s birthday i.e., December 23rd.

Do you have any dream roles?
I do have many dream roles. I always wanted to do the roles of Duryodhana and Karna in Mythological films. Talks with ETV are currently in progress and if things materialize, hope I would at least act in small screen! When Balakrishna’s Nartanasaala was announced, I was supposed to do the role of Duryodhana. Now, they are saying the film will restart. Let us see!

How do you feel about Aadhi’s career progress?
I am very glad about his career and the transformation he has undergone as an actor. He got a good break with Prema Kavali and Lovely. His performance was appreciated in Pyaar Mein Padipoyane and Sukumarudu as well. Now Gaalipatam is ready for release and Rough is almost completed. He is playing contrasting roles in these two films. Apart from this, he is acting in Madan’s film.

Do you take an active part in helping Aadhi to select subjects?
Not really. I give little advices when needed. I hear the story only after he approves of it. Many people asked me to launch him in Kannada but I advised him to focus on Telugu Films as of now.

How was it being a grandfather?
I am greatly delighted. We named the girl as Adhyashree and she was born on Varalakshmi Vratam day last year. I feel like my mom is reborn.

What about Aadhi’s wedding plans?
We are thinking of getting him married by next year.

Please share your health tips to our readers..
Right from childhood I am quite used to the cinematic discipline. That must be the reason why I am healthy! I don’t have any bad habits and I strictly avoid meat as well.

Okay.. thank you and wishing you the best for your upcoming projects!
Thank you very much!

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