Park Hyatt Dreams for Tollywood Folks

By - August 06, 2014 - 02:24 PM IST

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The Tollywood circles have often believed in a life of flamboyance and grandeur. This applies to their work environment as well. And right now, it is heard that many are eyeing one place as their dream destination. It is the Park Hyatt hotel located close to the Film Nagar area.
Reports reveal many top level Tollywood celebrities like Puri Jagannadh, RGV, Bellamkonda Suresh, Samantha have got a leased accommodation of the suites in the Hotel on an annual basis. The logic is, if they have to set up a film office, the monthly expenses will touch a proportionate figure.
If that is compared,  in Park Hyatt with just a little higher amount say about 25 to 50 percent they can have five star life with proper gym, food, service and ambience. So, the big range film personalities are finding this reasonable. Those who have gone to visit these celebrities are dreaming that at least six months they should spend in Park Hyatt . But that would call for such kind of money. 
Whenever these biggies are not using, the leased suites are useful for accommodating the outstation heroines who are working in their films.