Intelligent Actor's Bad Time Over??

By - August 06, 2014 - 02:34 PM IST

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The film industry is filled with many talented actors but then, many of them have their talent in performing in front of the camera. Amidst them, there are also those actors who are not just good performers but are great thinkers and analysts.
One actor who belongs to that category is Siddharth. This Southern stud is a darling for the girls but not only that, Sidz has displayed his intelligence at many instances - be it his live interaction with Jaggi Vasudev, his analysis on cricket, his point of view on politics etc. But career wise, he has been going through a slump.
In the recent past, many promising films of Sidz have flunked miserably. But now, the bad time seems to be over for this intelligent actor. Siddharth’s latest release in Tamil titled as Jigarthanda is getting a resounding response from the audience. It is being dubbed in Telugu as Chikkadu Dorakadu.

Now that he has bounced back in Kollywood, let us wait to see if the Telugu audience also receives his film positively and welcomes him. Though he is a Tamilian, Siddharth often considered himself as a part of Tollywood. Hoping for some good times to you Sidz!

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