Gopichand's No 'Jokyam' In 'Loukyam'

By - August 07, 2014 - 12:43 PM IST

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Hero Gopichand is tagged as one of those rare actors who made it to the top with sheer hard work and commitment and passion towards Cinema. Today, he has earned the title of ‘Aggressive Star’ from the audience for the dominating roles he has played in films. In the recent past, success has not been favoring Gopichand but here is another interesting update about him.
It is heard from the cine sources that Gopichand has the trait of adding value for the script and suggesting changes and modifications as and when possible. His aim has been to make the script better. But for his ongoing project he seems to have taken a back step. We are talking about his new movie Loukyam.
Reports from the Loukyam camp reveal that Gopichand is chilled out and is following director Srivas without a second thought. It is heard that the aggressive star is very confident that the script has come out really well and his participation in improvising it is not required. The film also has the Bollywood star Mukesh Rishi doing an interesting role. Here’s wishing Gopi a great success!

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