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Loukyam review

“Loukyam - 10% Love + 90% kyamedy“

Posted: 26 September 2014-06:54 AM

Meka Venkateswarlu alias Venky (Gopichand) falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preet), the second sister of Warangal goon Babji (Sampath Raj) and Satya (Rahul Dev). The first sister of Babji elopes with her lover with the help of Venky. Meanwhile, Kesav Reddy the arch rival of Babji attacks Chandrakala in an attempt to avenge his sister's death. So, how did Venky win his love going head on with Babji and Kesav Reddy forms the plot of the story.

Gopichand: He is slick, stylish and entertaining as well. He struck good chemistry with Rakul and his scenes with Brahmanandam are good.

Rakul Preet Singh: She was cute and glamorous in the film. She is certainly the most promising heroine of this season.

Brahmanandam: He is as usually a feast to watch in the film. Brahmi as ‘Sipppy’ along with ‘Puppy’ Chandramohan in the second half are absolutely hilarious.

Prithvi: He is yet another hero of the film. He as ‘Boiling Star’ Babloo was the true savior of the film. His episodes in the first half and second half are an outright laugh riot.

Sampath Raj, Rahul Dev and Mukesh Rishi are our routine villain candidates. While Sampath and Rahul Dev have a sentimental shade, Mukesh Rishi is the villain with a petty revenge angle.

Chandra Mohan, Shyamala, Raghu Babu, Raghu, Hamsa Nandini and others add to the entertainment.

On a frank note, this is an outright writer’s film with more of Kona’s mark than that of director Sriwass (who made intense action entertainers like Lakshyam).

So, this prompts us to talk about the script of the film. Though the story by Sreedhar Seepana is an age old story which might look like loosely inspired from Dhee and Rabhasa, the comedy episodes of the film especially Sippy (Brahmanandam) and Boiling Star Babloo (Prithvi) arise as the knight in the shining armor for the film. Of late, comedy has become the priority than creativity and the combination of previous films in it. And unfortunately, identifying the number of previous films in a film has become a tiny brain teasing activity for the common cine-goer.

So, Loukyam might also remind you of some earlier films but strictly speaking of the content of the film, it is a reloaded Kona Venkat comedy entertainer.

First Half: This segment goes really slow and cool with the romantic episode and the colorful songs. Rakul glamor and Brahmi comedy are the lone assets of this segment.

Interval Bang: Though we cannot call it a ‘bang’, the intermission arrives at the much needed juncture of the plot.

Second Half: The actual fun treat is loaded in this segment. Brahmi, Chandra Mohan and Gopichand carry this segment on their shoulders and completely change the fate of the film. And the finishing touch by Prithvi is yet another highlight of the film.

- Performances especially by Brahmi, Prithvi and Gopichand.
- Rakul Preet Singh’s glamor.
- Good Music.
- Hilarious and fate changing Second Half.

- Same old story, treatment and punch dialogues.

Anup Roobens has given a commercially viable yet versatile album. He did a decent job with the re-recording as well.  

Hamsanandini’s item song is good.

With 10% Love and 90% comedy, Loukyam is a routine yet good time pass entertainer. You can watch it for Gopi, Brahmi and the Boiling Star!

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