'Jil' Effect On 'Jaganmohan IPS'

By - May 09, 2015 - 05:20 PM IST

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Newton’s fourth law which states ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction' holds very apt for the film industry. Here, the only thing that matters is success and if you have success even your long lost films begin to come out of their graves. That seems to be the case with aggressive star Gopichand.

Apparently, Gopichand is riding high with the back to back success of his two movies Loukyam and Jil. As a result, it is now heard that his other project which was lying in cans has now been dusted and removed for completion. The film is titled as Jaganmohan IPS and it is being helmed by the veteran B Gopal.

Buzz is that the film has gone through several hiccups in the past but going by the way Gopichand is scoring success, a producer by name Ramesh is confident even this project would work so he has revived it. The shooting is currently on at Kokapeta in Hyderabad and Gopichand is pairing up with the gracious beauty Nayantara.

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