That was the best compliment: 'Raja' Sharwanand

By - August 09, 2014 - 07:29 PM IST

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Previously he was like any other supporting artist in pursuit of his goal and waiting for luck. He was like any other starlet struggling for a one solid hit.

But one hit has turned tables for him. With his unique choice of films, he carved a niche and following for him. Now, irrespective of the commercial fate of the film, there exists a feeling that ‘it is a Sharwanand film and there should be something worth watching’. He kept the bar raising, developed the brand and set the expectations alive. Run Raja Run was a refreshing hit for Sharwanand and here are we in conversation with the true performer…
How are you feeling about success? 
I am super happy and I’m happier that UV Creations gave me a hit.
What was your feeling when they told you the script? Did you watch Sujeeth’s short films?
No, I did not watch. After they told me the story I did watch some of his short films. By then Pramodh & Vamshi (UV Creations producers) have selected this story. I was always a bit hesitant whether I can fit it in this ‘Raja’ role or not but I knew this movie will work out. More than me, the director and producers believed that I can do it. 
We’ve never seen Sharwanand in this kind of a role as your previous roles were all ‘serious and intense’ types. Will you continue in this genre? 
I’m always fond of different cinema. Luckily, I don’t have an image in the industry and as people know that I do different kind of movies. Definitely entertainment is necessary and so is experimentation. So, I will be careful with what I choose and keep doing different genres.
You have done many good movies in past 10 years but this is your first commercial hit. Did you ever analyze why and what went wrong?
I still believe that nothing went wrong because as an actor I developed a lot. For instance, people couldn’t believe that I can’t act till Gamyam happened. Later they thought that I can’t do a serious role but Prasthanam happened. Every phase was a good learning curve. So as an actor, I was always progressing but if we talk about commercial success, yes…it was Run Raja Run.
What did you like about RRR?
The entire script is too good and especially the characterization. I think that’s the best part about the movie. More importantly, imagining me in the ‘Raja’ role, that was the best kick I got.
What was the best feedback you got?
Obviously people liked it. That’s the best feedback anyone can get. People loved me in this role more than my previous roles but as an actor I’m here now because of my previous movies only. My mom and dad gave me the best compliment saying I’m looking very good in the movie. Prabhas, Gopichand, Charan, Nani, Manoj and all others wished me – that is so sweet of everyone.
How do you feel about your young look in the film? 
When I was in 20's I’ve acted in all matured roles but now when I’m 30, I had to go back to 20’s. Strange but it just happened. (Smiles)
Can we expect films like Prasthanam again? 
Yes…if I get a good script with good treatment, I’m ready to do any kind of a subject and even films like Prasthanam.
You have acted in a commercial and a non-commercial film too. Now after tasting a commercial hit, do you think you should continue doing this? 
First of all, I have never thought this is commercial and this is non-commercial but I know entertainment and hero characterization are very important for us. I want to keep doing films in different genres. And success is something which favors the best which works.
About heroine Seerat…
She is a fantastic actor. She can even sing a song in Telugu. She is a good singer, dancer and a very hardworking actor.
Are you going to produce any movie after Ko Ante Koti
I might do it but I might not act in it because the judgment will be missed out. It is very tough being an actor and producer. At least that is what I learnt. 
You have a presence in Tamil. So planning anything there?
As of now, we’ll be releasing Run Raja Run in Tamil. We are already done with the shooting with the same cast and crew. Will be released in a month or two!
Unlike your contemporaries, why aren’t you active on social media?
(Smiles) Most of the time I’m into listening scripts. I have started using Facebook recently saying 'i am sharwanand’. So will be interacting with people with that hereon.
Your upcoming projects…
Currently I’m almost done with the shooting of the K.S. Rama Rao production. We are only left out with one schedule in Malaysia and songs.

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