Auction Film's Result Takes New Turn

By - August 09, 2014 - 12:07 PM IST

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Action film is something the whole world knows but have you ever heard of an auction film? Yes, we all know that something like that is happening in Tollywood and the man responsible for that is Ram Gopal Varma. Some of the aspiring filmmakers are already conveying their thanks to RGV for introducing this concept.
This is through his new movie Anukshanam starring Manchu Vishnu. Now, the response to the auction of his movie has been so overwhelming that ideally August 9th is the last day for auction. But now, RGV has gone ahead and extended the auction window to 6 pm, August 12th. The objective is to reach more enthusiasts.
Since the business graph for the film has increased beyond expectations, RGV is also planning to include the names of the chosen bidder in posters and Vinyls. Well, the result is expected anytime soon and looking at the way this project is progressing, it looks certain that Anukshanam is going to create a new path for the entertainment industry.

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