Main Reason behind Tarak Tweets

By - August 11, 2014 - 01:44 PM IST

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Any average cine-goer or cine buff should speak volumes about the Nandamuri family and the recent rift in the family. If you arrange an essay writing competition, no wonder you get not papers but booklets on this topic.

Well for political and personal reasons best known to them, the Nandamuri family is undoubtedly fissured. The recent elections have only worsened the situation. And currently there are only two poles in the family – Balakrishna & Jr NTR (Tarak). The inside talk is that the Nandamuri fans are also divided into hard core Balakrishna and hard core NTR fans in the recent past. Of late, there are no occasions the Babai and Abbai met each other or spoke of each other!

Well after a long time, Tarak spoke something about his uncle Balakrishna. This is regarding Balayya’s injury during his recent film shoot.

“Wishing Babai a speedy recovery.my request to all the fans..dnt worry guys the LION is fine.he will be back ROARING” – tweeted the Young Tiger.

Of course, the fans are delighted to hear this from NTR. But the cine pundits find something fishy in this tweet. They opine that this is a strategic tweet from Tarak. Because, at this point of his career, NTR needs the support of the entire Nandamuri fans for his upcoming releases and hence, this sudden concern about Balakrishna! This is touted to be the reason behind NTR’s latest tweet. But people close to Tarak turn down this version as sheer rubbish as he is known for this affable and caring nature.

Balayya Babu was into form with a roaring success like Legend and wishing NTR to hit the purple patch and the Nandamuri family to patch up soon.

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