Samantha 1 Lakh Less Than Lakshmi Manchu

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Who is the biggest fashionista in the town?

The instant answer would be “Lakhsmi Manchu”. Let the world say anything…she doesn’t give a hoot! She is always in vogue with the haute couture!

Samantha is no less. These days Lakshmi Manchu is busy with her baby and here is Samantha compensating Lakshmi’s absence! Traditional, modern, funky whatever it is, Sam loves to experiment and this is pretty evident from all her public appearances. Now, one such public appearance has generated huge buzz. The main reason being the price of the heels and the dress she wore.

If not an exaggeration, here is a figure that might drop your jaws. The Tredmaker dress that she wore is worth Rs. 45000 and her lovely heels of the Alexander McQueen brand that she flaunts (in the pic) is worth Rs. 3 lakhs (approx). In this regard, hers is just Rs. 1 lakh short of the heels that Lakhmi Manchu (worth Rs. 4 lakhs) got recently.

While our beloved Manchu Lakshmi is often criticized for these but Samantha is being complimented as ‘Fashionista’ now [how unfair!] Well, women and fashion are inseparable elements and we wish to see Sam in more dazzling colors and couture in future too!

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