RGV Shocks with His New Tweets

By - August 15, 2014 - 07:49 AM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma…the name doesn’t need an introduction as this person has many facets and perceptions from individual to individual. These days, RGV as a brand is more famous for his controversial tweets than his films. There were also times when few questioned the sensibilities of those tweets.

Not that RGV cared about such cynicism or feedback but it looks like somewhere in the corner of his heart, he does have that element of patriotism. At least, that is the feeling few of his Twitter followers got. For some reason he has given some reasonable and sensible tweets on the eve of Independence Day.

Following are his words from his handle @RGVZoomin

‘Dint we just a couple of months ago celebrate independence from congress and how come now we are celebrating congress gotten independence?

If we let our businesses b ruled by more competent MNC's shouldn't same apply to political leaders too..then what's meaning of independence?

Our own desi leaders treat many of our country men as slaves even today probably more than the videshis ever did in pre independence time

Right since independence people have been making noise on independence day but i doubt there is a single guy who understands or cares to understand

Will Great Britain mourn August 15th as a tragic day since they lost out on our great country?’

That’s RGV and his Independence Day special for you!!



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