Ten Evergreen Patriotic Songs in Indian Cinema

By - August 14, 2014 - 08:40 PM IST

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Indian Cinema has always been high on patriotism and films relating to the freedom struggle, great historic freedom fighters and the post independence issues of India as a country. Songs have always been an incredible inspiration for patriotism and freedom struggle and Cinema has been of no exception for this strong influence. Music has the tremendous capability of bringing people from different regions,  religions and creed together and it is a great booster for patriotic feelings. On the eve of Independence Day, iQlikmovies.com brings you the top 10 all time patriotic songs which graced Indian Cinema:

1. Paadavoyi Bharateeyuda-Velugu Needalu:Though the film is based on a family drama theme, this song remains to be a highlight because of the phenomenal lyrics by iconic poet Sri Sri who depicts the success of Indians for achieving independence and the bright future ahead for the nation.  The tune, music and the great lyrics make it an evergreen patriotic song in the history of Telugu Films.

2. Gandhi Puttina Desama- Pavitra Bandham:  This song poses the questions of a common man who faces hurdles in the New Independent India. Arudra penned phenomenal lyrics for this song and it preaches the listeners to live with humanity and help each other to make India a superior nation. Not to forget amazing acting by ANR on screen to make it another patriotic gem.
 3. Telugu Veera Levara- Alluri Seetharamaraju: Based on the real historic facts about a great freedom fighter Alluri Seetharamaraju, the song is not only iconic for Indian Patriotism but also a great call for the Telugu Nation to be patriotic and work for the greater good. Sri Sri penned the fantastic lyric for this song and it earned him the national award for the best lyricist in that year. Needless to say, Krishna’s performance in this film for the title role became a career defining change.

4. Punya Bhoomi Naa Desam- Major Chandrakanth: Featuring Sr.NTR in the role of a retired Army Major and a huge patriot, this song features the stories of great freedom fighters like Veerapandi Katta Bomman, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sivaji and Alluri Seetharamaraju who dreamt of free India.  SPB’s powerful rendition and Keeravani’s captivating music added much value to the overall composition.
 5.Vinara Vinara Desam Manadera- Roja: A path breaking composition from the then debutante A.R.Rahman, Vinara Vinara is a call for the younger India to rethink about patriotic values and challenges which they face in the country. It shows the unfaltering spirit of India as a nation which continues to survive in flying colors, despite issues, differences and problems.  It is a mandatory song played for every Independence Day and remembered by every Indian for what it offers.
6. Chak De India- Chak De India:What can be said more about this iconic song which rocked the nation for its racy orchestration and powerful singing by Sukhwinder Singh? While Indians are claimed to be Cricket Lovers, this film shocked the audience when it was made over the national game of India- Hockey. It defines the New Age India, the optimistic spirit and the fusion of strong Indian Values and Modern outlook.
 7. Maa Tujhe Salaam- A.R.Rahman Vandemataram: It is indeed a challenge to make a song under the name of everybody’s favorite national anthem but A.R.Rahman chose to take it and execute it with masterful perfection. The song was composed on the eve of India completing 50 years of independence and it welcomed the dawn of the better developed nation which India is going to transform to.

8.Desam Manade- Jai: A very sweet sounding patriotic song in the voices of young children touched the heart of every Telugu person. The song speaks of unity in diversity with such honesty and admiration that it cannot be overlooked. It speaks of the spirited nation, despite differences stands united.
 9. Meme Indians- Khadgam: An interesting take on Indians and their attitude with great perfection, the song touches our hearts for the striking reality and honesty it offers. Prakash Raj’s performance, Ravi Teja’s vigor and Krishna Vamshi’s direction made it a modern Telugu Patriotic Anthem.
10. Ye Shakuni Aadani Joodam- Leader: Veturi’s take on the current political scenario, which looks  meek but at the same time the song also tells about the earthliness of India as a nation. Shot aesthetically by new age filmmaker Sekhar Kammula, the song is a beautiful interpretation of an NRI looking at India with admiration and hope.