Is This What Sonu Sood Eats?

By - August 15, 2014 - 08:34 AM IST

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Body building is an art and only those men who have that passion and commitment slog it out to get the right shape. But the general funda is that most of the fitness freaks tend to rely on non-veg diet for the toning of muscles. However, one actor is a mark of envy to many aspiring fitness people but the interesting point to note is, he is a vegetarian.

We are talking about the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and this muscular stud is a pure vegan. So, if you are wondering how he maintains that chiseled physique then probably this is what he might be eating all these years. There is that veggie stuff that can offer you a good percentage of protein.

Spinach, Kale and Broccoli rate high with 45% protein while Cauliflower offers 40%, Mushrooms give 38% protein with Parsley offering 34% protein. Then there are cucumbers, cabbage, green pepper giving around 22% to 24%. While Sonu has not officially revealed about his diet, given the stats, the best guess is, this must form a major part of his eating.

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