Allari Naresh is Brother Of Bommali?

By - August 18, 2014 - 12:21 PM IST

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Did you ever notice this in Allari Naresh’s films?

His films always have quirky and comical titles. Of course, he does comedy films and those comical titles are quite obvious. But titles like Seema Sastry, Blade Babji, Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters, Bendu Apparao RMP, Katthi Kantha Rao, Jump Jilani etc are best examples of the colloquial and trendy touch in his titles.

Well as usually he is taking similar measures in titling his upcoming film directed by Veedu Theda fame Chinni Krishna. This film was initially titled Naatu Bomb but then keeping in view of the story, the makers are now considering a new title ‘Brother of Bommali’, according to sources.

This film has Rangam fame Karthika as Allari Naresh’s sister and she is one ‘Rowdy’ in the film. This is the story of the troubles an innocent brother (Naresh) had to face because of her tomboy sister (Karthika), say sources. That is why the makers are finding this new title ‘Brother of Bommali’ apt enough for their story. This title is afresh and trendy too. However, the final title is expected to be announced very soon.

We wish this ‘Brother of Bommali’ does not bomb like a Natu Bomb at the box-office because Allari Naresh needs a hit now!

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