Interesting Announcement from Akkineni Family?

By - August 18, 2014 - 12:24 PM IST

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One of the most sought after and highly regarded family in Tollywood is the Akkineni family and they are one of the key pillars of Telugu cinema industry. So, any news regarding them creates a ripple. The latest grapevine flowing from the compound of Annapurna studios is that something is round the corner.
Well, there is a chance of an interesting announcement to be made on the 29th of August. The reason for that is, 29th of August happens to be ‘King’ Nagarjuna’s birthday and the top brass of the Akkineni family are reportedly working on coming up with something that will excite their fans and the cine buffs.
Some are stating that this could be the time for making the official announcement on the debut of Akkineni Akhil. The frenzy has picked up on Akhil after watching him in a blink and miss appearance in the recent release Manam. Well, if this speculation is true then it is indeed going to be a festive time for the Akkineni fans. Let us wait for 29th then.