Ram Charan Is Lord Shiva Of Tollywood

By - August 19, 2014 - 08:28 AM IST

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A strong belief among the Hindus is that Lord Shiva among the holy trinity is the most gullible and big hearted God. The belief is that once we pray to him with sincerity and ask him for any big boon, he gives them without second thought and calculation. Now, the filmnagar circles are saying there is a Lord Shiva in Tollywood also.

He is none other than Ram Charan. Want to know why? Well, here is the inside tidbit. It is heard that the mega powerstar is one star hero who focuses only on the story and his character. If that appeals to him, then irrespective of who the director is and what his credentials are, Charan would say yes to the project.

We have already seen that happening in the past. Sampath Nandi who was just a budding director got his big break through Charan in the form of ‘Racha’. Senior director Krishna Vamsi was going through the toughest phase of his life when Charan gave a boon in the form of ‘Govindudu Andari Vaadele’. That way, his benevolence is setting a great example for others.

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