Charan's Gift Was Very Special: Chiranjeevi

By - August 21, 2014 - 08:39 PM IST

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The history of Telugu Cinema can be divided as before Chiranjeevi and after his regime. Because with the advent of his acting career, a new “Punadhi Raayi” (Milestone) was formed in Telugu Cinema.  During the days when people had their own standards of how a hero should look, dance and do stunts, Chiranjeevi arrived and completely changed the standards of those days. He proved that a Hero can look something different,and dance uniquely and fight with a peculiar style. He rewrote history in his regard. He shocked his fans and Telugu Audience alike when he announced that he wouldn’t do any films after the political entry. But as fate could have it, the Megastar is all set to do his 150th film and come back in style. The legendary hero is celebrating his birthday today and here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:
Hello Chiranjeevi garu..Many happy returns of the day!
Hi..Thanks a lot!

How was your political journey till now ? What do you really feel about it down the lane?
Personally I feel I got lot of recognition in politics. After setting up my own party Praja Rajyam, it was indeed quite satisfactory to start as MP and reach till the level of minister.

How do you think this birthday is special for you?
It is quite special because I have decided to make a comeback to Films, which has always been my first passion. I love to act and enjoy performing for my fans. I am feeling happy to finally come back and fulfill their wish of watching me in 150th film.

Did you miss being an actor or the film industry in this hiatus period?
Not really. Though I stopped doing films for time being, I gave the honest artists from my family. As a result, I never felt like missing the film industry as it has always been dear to me.

Please tell us about your 150th film’s progress..
I am planning to do a complete entertainer as my 150th film.  There are few directors in line to give me such script. I am ready to start off working with the best script as soon as possible.

What about your anticipated project with your close associates Paruchuri Brothers?
Well, that is still in pipeline and I would be doing it after my 150th film.

How do you handle the criticism and comments made on you in the wake of recent political events and your decision to comeback into films?
As far as I am concerned, my family is my biggest strength. I value their words and advices. Regarding other comments and criticism, I never bother much. I believe in doing my work with conviction. I've seen much of the political world. My service to people doesn't stop. But, I felt I should comeback for my fans.

Your comment on Pawan’s political entry decision? How did it affect your relationship with him as brother?
To be frank, Pawan and I have always been on the same page. Despite different paths, our ideas are the same. We have been meeting regularly and we are one! I can proudly say that Mega Family always stands united.

Any special gifts for your birthday from family?
Oh yes. Ram Charan presented me a White Toyota Land Cruiser (Smiles).  It is a really special gift from Charan this birthday!

How do you find Sai Dharma Tej as an aspiring actor in Tollywood?
I really like his confidence. He has great clarity in what he is doing. He is planning his films in a completely new and unique manner and that’s what I like about his work.

What about your other nephew Varun Tej?
He is a 6 ‘3" tall and handsome guy. He is a trained and confident guy. I am really looking forward to watch him on the silver screen.

Your family has given good heroes like Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun till now. And new heroes are on the line. How do you feel about this new age acting talents from your family?
It’s a moment of pride for me to see my family getting a good name of this sort. They are incredibly hardworking and made their unique mark in Telugu Cinema.  What more can I ask for?

Okay..wishing you all the best for your film comeback and happy birthday again!
Thank you very much!