Anushka Vs Anjali: Near To Family Hearts

By - August 21, 2014 - 02:42 PM IST

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If you are an actor or actress and want to become famous then the biggest challenge for you will be to earn the respect and affection from the family audience. This challenge is doubled if you are an actress. Generally, heroines are meant to be the symbols of glamour, sex appeal and beauty with not much value addition to a film in terms of content and substance.
But two ladies have broken that fort. They are Anushka and Anjali. Here are few reasons why the family audiences consider these two to be their favorites. Firstly, both Anushka and Anjali have a very homely face and they possess a natural ease in front of the camera which makes them expressive.
Most importantly, both of them look very beautiful and graceful when they are seen in sarees. In fact, they wear sarees most of the times onscreen which adds to the appeal. The icing on the cake is, Anushka has created a major impact with her women oriented characters in films like Arundhati, Vedam and soon she will strike a bang with Rudramadevi. As for Anjali, none can forget her act in films like Journey, SVSC. Way to go ladies!

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