Gopichand's Sacrifice for Varma

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If you are wondering from where Gopichand and Ram Gopal Varma got involved with each other, then here is the truth. More than these two gentlemen, this actually involves hero Sunil and producer Dil Raju. Perplexed again? Wait, there is more. Even hero Ram Pothineni is also involved in the list of things.
Alright, let us clear the air for you. We are talking about the noted director Gopichand Malineni and another budding filmmaker Vasu Varma. Apparently, Gopichand had penned a story for a big hero and narrated it to producer Dil Raju. But before the project could hit the floors, Gopichand bagged the offer of directing Ram for the film Pandaga Chesko.
Since he got busy with that film, it is heard that Dil Raju approached Gopichand and asked if he could buy the story and get another director to do it. Gopichand reportedly agreed and that’s how Vasu Varma stepped in. It is a common feature to see directors taking up other directors’ stories and making films but the film nagar circles say Gopichand has literally sacrificed his story because it was meant to be for a big hero. Well, the fortunes have turned in Sunil’s favor then.

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