Actress with Single Ice Cube

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has spread like wildfire across the globe but the good side is, all this is happening for a noble cause. In an attempt to raise awareness and funds for the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) many are joining hands and that includes even the film celebrities of India and abroad.

One among them happens to be the Bollywood girl Sonakshi Sinha. This big girl with bold curves also took up the challenge but in an interesting manner. All Sonakshi did was pour a single ice cube on herself. Well, there seems to be a reason behind her action.

Sonakshi says “So I just saved a lot of water…but I am going to donate money…because that’s what all of you should also be doing….” And then she screams “So stop wasting water for god sake and go and donate!!”. 

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