Molestation of Actress in Discussion

By - August 23, 2014 - 08:49 AM IST

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Sexual molestation, now that’s one term which has been ringing hard in your ears in the last few years. The ‘Nirbhaya’ incident followed by the Shakti Mills rape episode and then the rape and murder of Telugu girl Esther in Lokamanya Tilak Terminus have been reason enough to give the bitter reality to us.

And for some, it has also become the best marketing tool. We are talking about a Hindi film Chaarfutiya Chhokare and this has the noted actress Soha Ali Khan in the lead. Apparently, there is a scene wherein Soha is manhandled and sexually molested by a group of men.

Now, the team is marketing this movie using molestation as the USP and it is being done deliberately. While it is not sure how the audience is going to receive this Publicity strategy, if the film carries substance and a strong message, then the efforts are worth it. Else, Soha would have to become the butt of jokes on the Social media.

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