Hero's Comedy With Grandfather

By - August 26, 2014 - 10:06 AM IST

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If you have grandparents then you would agree with us when we say nothing beats the experience and nostalgia of having fun with them. The attachment and bonding is much stronger. True to that, one hero did a comedy with his grandfather and those who watched it are relishing all the moments of their encounter.

 He is none other than Nani and recently he had a chit chat with his grandpa as the old man got to reveal his interest in cinema. Nani revealed this through a tweet which goes like this –

"My grandfather wants to appear on screen for few seconds at least anta .. Acting maa blood lo kuda vundhi ..lol"

This is perhaps the first time that a hero’s rendezvous with his grandfather was so dramatic. As it is, Nani is a natural performer and he has that spark of wit and wry humor that always tickles the funny bone.

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