Court Orders for a Case Upon RGV

By - August 25, 2014 - 06:29 PM IST

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Sensations and Controversies are something what they call a “butter-fed education” for RGV. This constant attention-grabber, attention-seeker and controversy-maker now need to face new legal headaches as well.

In the wake of his unusual and controversial comments upon Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh in a recent interview to a popular news daily, a petition was filed in the 10th Metropolitan court, Malkajgiri by an advocate named Sanjay. In this case, the court has now directed the Malkajgiri police to file a case upon filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. Anyhow, further details of the case are yet to be known.

RGV has reportedly said that beheading a kid by Lord Shiva for not letting him in is something not even an Al-Qaida terrorist would do. "Doesn’t Lord Shiva know that it’s his son? Even if it’s someone else’s kid, would he decapitate like that? And why should he fix back some elephant’s head to the kid?” said RGV according to sources. “Religious people and Experts in Mythology give complicated meaningless reasons for these” he added.

Not just these, he made few comments and statements on Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha way back in 2012 also.

“I wonder if lord shiva stuck a snakes head on his sons torso instead of an elephants head whether Ganpati would have been as popular?”
– This was one of his tweets back in 2012.

And this was one of his posts in 2011 –

“I love Lord Shiva for his Deep insights into things..in fact his insights are so deep that a commoner like me can't get an insight only”

Well, it is custom for RGV (who is an outright atheist) to makes controversial comments and one such comment has just backfired!

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