Directors scared of Chiru's 150th film?

By - August 29, 2014 - 10:39 AM IST

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The mega fans are perplexed, excited and patient.

Fans are perplexed on whether their favorite matinee idol would ever do his 150th movie or not, excited on hearing about his comeback.

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th film news has reached fever pitch across Tollywood ever since the hero has given nod. The mega fans are bouncing off the walls to hear the news about the milestone film.  The news has spread like a wild-fire and is often heard or seen in News Papers, Websites and TV Channels daily.

Chiranjeevi had done many story sittings with script writers and prominent directors but the project hasn’t been materialized yet, as the hero is very keen on making his comeback film very special. He doesn’t want it to be run-of-the mill kind and is extra cautious in picking the right script. Recently, VV Vinayak has come forward and announced that he is going to direct the film. Now even that remained stale news.

As per the latest news, directors like Boyapati Sreenu too approached the megastar with the script and nothing is officially announced yet. Insider reports reveal that many directors are taking a back step because of one reason. The reason being, they cannot have freedom for demanding remuneration as the movie will be produced by the mega camp. As it is highly prestigious project for Chiranjeevi, the amount of pressure mounts up and the directors are not in a position to handle the pressure.

Mega fans have been eagerly waiting for the good news and expected Chiranjeevi would announce it officially on his birthday, but even that did not happen.

As of now, the wait is on and on and on……

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