Shankar's Next With Mahesh?

By - September 01, 2014 - 12:26 PM IST

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Every film director has a style of his own and their signature image is registered strongly in the hearts of audience. But it must be said that one man is completely unique. He comes with his venture once in two to three years and when he does, he wipes off the box office slate and writes new figures as records.

He is the Tamil director Shankar also called as the showman of the south. Almost every film of his had something revolutionary to offer. The classic examples for that are films like Gentleman, Aparichitudu, Robot etc. And given the grandeur and magnitude, you can imagine what will happen if Shankar teams up with a high voltage superstar like Mahesh Babu. 

Well, something like this was on the oven from a while and now it seems to be ready. News is that some serious groundwork is happening for a project to be helmed by Shankar and starring Mahesh. If this goes through then it would take the range of Mahesh as well as Tollywood to a new level of filmmaking and box office impact.

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