How Actresses Earn Big?

By - September 02, 2014 - 12:05 PM IST

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According to the guide of business in cinema, the lion’s share of earnings generally goes to the heroes and most of the times the heroines are not in that bracket. Given the range of competition in the starlet segment, one fundamental question always pops up, from where and how do actresses earn big.

If you are thinking that they charge a bomb as remuneration then you might be right to a small extent because that applies only to the A-listed heroines. But what about the majority of other starlets who are either struggling or just inching their way in the industry? Well, here is the answer to it. More than the films, the actresses earn their pie through endorsements, shop openings, stage shows and celebrity appearances in private events. The situation is somewhat similar with the female singers as well. As long as the glamour and following is there, calls will come. Another source of big money to them is through participating in the overseas events. So that’s how it works.

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