B'day Spl: Powerstar - The Folk Lover

By - September 02, 2014 - 10:48 AM IST

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There is pretty much to tell about the tremendous power of Pawan Kalyan as an influential personality and an amazing actor who can entertain the audience with his unique style. But there is one unique trend Pawan Kalyan created with respect to the forgotten art of Telugu Culture- That is Folk Music and Dance. Folk Music and Dance are considered to be the most appealing art forms which followed since times immemorial. Right from Burra Kadhas to Harikadhas- Telugu Culture is the only place where we still have such unique art forms. Yesteryear Telugu Cinema used to have at least one folk based song in respect of the tradition and values.

Just when the art form was slowly being forgotten by the people as well as Cinema alike, Pawan Kalyan started off the trend of having a Folk Bit Song in his film- which is performed, danced and sung by himself too!  Pawan Kalyan is the perhaps the only modern hero who could think of such gesture and become tremendously successful in it. The funny expressions, casual dance movements, and amazing timing made this legacy the most welcoming part in his films. Pawan’s fans must already know that he uses the typical Srikakulam or Rural accent whenever he is agitated or angered in his films! One such classic example is S.J Surya’s Kushi which created a sensation in early 2000s.

On the eve of the Power Star’s birthday, iQlikmovies remembers the three Folk Music trendsetting moments made by him in Telugu Cinema:

  1. Malli Neekendhuku Raa Pelli From Thammudu: When Mallesh (Mallikarjuna Rao), an elderly bachelor is worried about his marriage, Subhash (Pawan Kalyan) and his friends spontaneously start singing a parody Telugu Folk Song which starts off like ‘Taati Chettekkalevu Taati Kallu Thempalevu’- which is extremely hilarious and entertaining. No Telugu Movie fan can forget what happens in the “Phone Call” conversation next- in which Pawan spoke with Typical Srikakulam Accent and his typical way of saying "Shakuntalakkiya" became a trend!
  2. Boringu Ramanamma from Kushi: An upset Siddhu (Pawan Kalyan) and his friend Babu Mashao (Ali) have a drink. Babu Mashao suddenly starts playing a random rhythm over the plate he gets and Siddhu starts off singing Boringu Ramanamma with funniest expressions and dance movements. He just gave a new life to the song with his unique style and histrionics.
  3. Kaatam Rayuda from Attarintiki Daredi: After nearly 12 years, Pawan Kalyan decided to sing/perform a folk song which belongs to the Rayalaseema area. The song is a masterpiece which describes the 10 incarnations of Vishnu in folk and raw language. The video of Pawan singing the same in recording studio itself became a rage even before the film’s release. The usage of minimal instruments, and harmonium gave the song a unique touch- not to forget Pawan’s energetic appearance and voice! Though, the song was originally featured in the 1940 film Sumangali, the makers of AD brought it back to light and Powerstar made it a smashing hit!
iQlikmovies wishes the phenomenal Power Star a very happy birthday and wish him a great year ahead!

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