Fresh and Youthful- Paathshala Audio Review

By - September 03, 2014 - 10:46 AM IST

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Paathshala is an upcoming road film starring  Nandu, Anu Priya, Krishna Bhagawan and L.B.Sriram in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Oh My Friend fame Rahul Raj. Here is an exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins with a youthful track Friendship Anthem possessing a good chord progression and string section. Lyrics by Srimani speak greatly of the value of friendship in contemporary terms. The energy levels are quite good as the track progresses with competent rhythm section as well.

Merise Merise is a breezy melody which has good sequencing and appealing melodious value. The Hip-Hop styled vocals give the track a modern touch. The fusion between Indian flute and modern electric guitar is done commendably.

Another relaxing melody Suryodayam with classical touch and unplugged acoustic guitar graces the album next. The classy touch is evident in feel good lyrics and transforming chord progressions to give the track a new feel. This track carries the soul of the album with high artistic values.

A trance like modern rock track Freedom Song is done with energy filled electric guitar riffs. It has the urbane ambience blended with poetic lyrics- which is indeed a rare feat.

Shoonyamai is a philosophical track with lovely guitar and mellowed rhythm section. The masterful chord progressions and decent vocal rendition makes it an enjoyable hearing. The flute rendition gives the Indian flavour with impactful accompanying violins.


Paathshala is a youthful album with fresh melodies and wonderful lyrics. A thoroughly enjoyable ambience is created with wonderful lyrics and contemporary orchestration.

Rating: 3.25/5

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