Manchu Manoj Gives Superb Answer

By - September 05, 2014 - 12:58 PM IST

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Hero Manchu Manoj has been attempting to come up with something different in each venture of his and that has earned him the tag of ‘Rocking Star’. Soon, he is coming up with the new movie Current Theega and recently the trailer of the film was unveiled. In that, Manoj did something which sprang a surprise. There is a dialogue which goes like this - ‘Chettu peru jaathi peru cheppukoni market lo amudupovadaaniki nenu kayo pando kaadhu….current theega!!’- You might wonder this could just be one among the many punch dialogues we hear these days but some say it is not and there is a reason behind it.

Apparently, many are throwing satires that the younger ones in  Manchu family  are taking the name of their father Mohan Babu and surviving in the industry but with this one dialogue Manoj has given the right answer and silenced them.

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