• Cast , , Sunny Leone
  • BannerLakshmi Prasanna Pictures & 24 Frames Factory
  • Editor S R Sekhar
  • Cinematography Satish Mutyala
  • Music Achu
  • Producer Manchu Vishnu
  • Director G. Nageswara Reddy
  • Audio release date 14 Sep 2014

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Current Theega review

“Pakka Mass Masala 'A' Entertainer?Yes 'Ya'“

Posted: 31 October 2014-11:00 AM

Siva Ramaraju (Jagapathi Babu) is a village head blessed with three daughters. He is often taunted by Veerraju (Supreeth) for having only daughters. In one such situation, Siva Ramaraju punishes Veerraju for his mockery and as a result, an interesting bet regarding the marriage of Sivaramaraju’s daughters springs up. Years later, Raju (Manoj), the president of VIP Sangham tries to woo Sunny madam (Sunny Leone) while Kavitha (Rakul Preet), the daughter of Siva Ramaraju daughter falls in love with Raju. So, how did Raju fall in love with Kavitha and how did Siva Ramaraju’s bet resolve forms the crux of the story.

Manchu Manoj: This rocking star is the showstopper in the film. His action and comedy are the key assets. He even scored brownie points with the emotional scenes as well. His high voltage action episodes deserve a special mention.

Rakul Preet: She is the eye candy in the film - Absolutely glamorous and definitely the emerging star heroine of Tollywood.

Sunny Leone: The Sunny bomb has finally hit the Telugu land set the silver screens ablaze. Though she has a limited character in the film, her special song is a scorcher!

Jagapathi Babu: Unlike his previous characters of late, this exceptional actor has done a crucial and slightly different character in the film.

Supreeth: This is certainly one of the worth mentioning characters “Katraj” has played so far.

Sampoornesh Babu: He is an absolute surprise in the film. Don’t Miss!

The rest of the cast including Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh, Jeeva, Raghu Babu, “30yrs industry” Prithvi, Siva Reddy, Thanikella Bharani play their part in making this film a laugh riot.

We know Director G Nageswar Reddy is adept at mass comedy entertainers with some story in it. Perhaps for the first time, he had to ace a test with a remake like Current Theega.

With its premise rooted in a village and all the possible amusing characters you can find in a village, Current Theega is crafted as a jolly romantic ride. Though this remake does not differ much from the original Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, it however misses to make the significance of the ‘VIP Sangham’ felt. Nageswar Reddy was successful in working out the comedy and getting the act right! He just maintained the momentum ensuring the dosage of commercial entertainment is always intact especially in the first half. Nonetheless to say, he could not make the love story tugging enough!

First Half: It was a joy ride predominantly with the Sunny factor, the Rakul’s glamor, the amusing comedy and the high voltage action. The rain fight is the key highlight in the segment.

Interval: This is quite predictable but engaging enough to wait for the second half.

Second Half: This segment experiences a slight voltage drop but bounces back with the light-hearted climax. Manoj and Jagapathi Babu’s performances the key highlights in the segment.

- Performances of Manchu Manoj, Rakul Preet and Jagapathi Babu.
- Sunny Leone’s Glamor.
- The adult comedy track with Manoj, Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj & 30yrs industry Prithvi.
- The dialogues and contemporary comedy that makes it amusing.
- The premise in which the story was set and the engaging narration makes it a jolly watch.
- Entertaining first half and engaging second half.
- Action choreography especially the rain fight.

- The second half has a voltage drop with the love track slips off the momentum.
- The treatment of the story however carries a Tamil tinge in it.
- The high dosage of adult comedy makes it an uncomfortable watch for the families.

Achu has already given a commercial album that instantly strikes chord with the masses. However, songs like Sunny Sunny, Erra Cheera and the Soup song are peppy and entertaining.

Besides Sunny Leone’s special song, Sampoornesh Babu’s cameo is yet another special feature.

Current Theega is a pakka ‘A’ certificate Mass Masala Entertainer with high voltage action, high percentage of comedy and high dosage of masala.

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