Manchu Manoj In Love With Sunny's Behavior

By - June 28, 2014 - 11:48 AM IST

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Just the mention of the name Sunny Leone is enough to send a tingle down the spine of many men. She has become the Sex Goddess for many. But beneath that hot exterior lies a person with a lovable heart and a nature that is melting the film industry people. The latest in that list is Manchu Manoj.

He is currently working with Sunny for the film ‘Current Theega’ and shared his experience through a tweet like this - Lovely doll Sunny is the nicest person I worked with..having a fantastic time with her in "Current Theega" shoot :).

As such, many want to share the photo frame with Sunny but nobody dared so Manoj’s act of working with her is really appreciated. Without any over social consciousness, he has broken that conservative mindset and convention. It is heard that the rocking star was floored by Sunny’s simplicity, professionalism and a sense of innocence that is hard to find among few actresses. Way to go Manoj and Sunny!!

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