Telugu Heroine In Pakistan

By - September 10, 2014 - 12:49 PM IST

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Politically and historically, the rivalry between India and Pakistan has always been at its peak but there is one area which is common to both, that is entertainment. Though Pakistan film industry is not as developed as Indian cinema, the influence of Bollywood is phenomenal in that land.

But amidst all this, one Telugu heroine was spotted in Peshawar. These days, the city has become a hot spot for bomb blasts and suicide attacks but what is a Telugu beauty doing there? And she is no ordinary girl, she is none other than Trisha. Well, before you are perplexed like we are, here is the story.

Trisha is spotted flashing her killer smile in a hoarding albeit in digital avatar. All this is part of the famous war game ‘Ghost Recon-Future Soldier’. The creators of the game have included Trisha’s face in one of the hoardings of Peshawar. Whether they assumed she was Pakistani or if they are also fans of Trisha we don’t know but the petite beauty has sure gained a good mileage in the gaming world due to this.

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