A Message For Heroines And Producers

By - September 11, 2014 - 12:31 PM IST

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A career in the film industry is always a dicey game but among those who are part of it, the segment of heroines and producers are the worst affected. Here is a small message to them. In the case of heroines, just for getting fame they come but with no money and no opportunities they are taking wrong routes within no time. Of course, few vested elements are forcing and influencing these actresses.

And once they get into that route they are not able to return. That is not required, TV serials are always with open doors for film heroines. And that too if you go with film background they have a red carpet waiting. For film starlets, they give nothing less than 20k per day as remuneration.  That way, they can make 5 lakhs per month, live royally and get close to family audience.

Same applies to big producers. Instead of coming up with heavy budget flicks and losing everything, if they can do TV serials their life is safe and they can clear all the debts incurred due to films. If a noted film production house makes a serial, looking at the brand even film actors will also participate and TV channels are more than glad to strike a good deal. Even a producer can also earn nothing less than 5 lakhs per month if he plans rightly. Spare a thought both!

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