Stars! Understand Telugu Cinema's Potentiality

By - September 11, 2014 - 12:09 PM IST

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Cinema is no longer about the passion towards the craft or an artistic experience, it is serious business and a multi-crore industry giving livelihood to thousands of people. In that, Tollywood also ranks competitively as it stands next to the big Bollywood.

However, the stars need to understand what the stamina of Telugu cinema at Box Office is. Unfortunately, they are being unmindful of that and just for the sake of prestige and false pride, they are demanding high budgets for their ventures. Any business which starts with a high investment lands in higher risks in terms of returns or profits.

But the stars are not using that parameter. They are busy comparing themselves with other stars and star directors’ film budgets and demanding same figures to be spent. Since it is star driven industry the directors have to oblige and the producers have to stretch their neck to get that finance from the market. Ultimately, after release, they realize such content doesn’t require so much investment. So, by thinking only about their fans and image, the stars are destructing the backbone of Tollywood’s economy. It is about time they act sensible.