Director Serious Upon 'Boochodu'

By - September 10, 2014 - 04:50 PM IST

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This world of cinema is full of glamor, dreams, passion, hard work, luck and is yet so tricky. Here some work for fame, some for money and some out of passion but most of them work to prove themselves and make their dreams come true.

Most of the budding filmmakers seek fame and credits for their creative work. Here is one such director who saw big dreams of earning name and fame with his debut film (that too Horror Comedy). Horror comedy is the new in-thing in Tollywood and Boochamma Boochodu is the latest horror comedy in theaters now. This film which started long back finally released after nearly a year and half of struggle.

When the film is slowly catching the attention, the director of the film Revan Yadu got down heavily on the producer and hero Sivaji. He accuses that they have intentionally ignored him during the promotions and are now snatching off the success credit.

While Sivaji and the corresponding producers deny the allegations, the director is venting out his angst openly before electronic media. Let’s see if this is going to end her or get worse?