'Current Teega' Redefines Manoj

By - September 10, 2014 - 01:08 PM IST

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Whenever an actor aspires to become a hero in Tollywood, he tends to follow a particular formula. Irrespective of his credentials, the only thing he targets is to get mass following by doing commercial roles. This is one reason why many have failed and some of them have realized.

But amidst them, there is one actor who has always chosen to be different and offbeat. He is Manchu Manoj. Right from his debut flick, Manoj has opted for subjects and roles that are very different in flavor and showed him in a versatile image. Despite the fact that he didn’t get the due success, Manoj stuck to his guns.

However, all that is about to change because of his new venture 
Current Teega. Recently few rushes were shown to few media experts and cine seniors. They have stated that this film will redefine Manoj not just as an actor but also in terms of his branding. The film also has Rakul Preet and the erotic sex Goddess Sunny Leone. Let us see what kind of voltage Manoj generates.

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