14 Reels Captured All Screens Of Mahesh Babu

By - September 18, 2014 - 12:45 PM IST

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A lot is being spoken about the Mahesh Babu mania and now that his new movie Aagadu is gearing up to hit the screens in less than 24 hours, the temperatures are soaring with excitement. But if you thought that the frenzy is just among the fans, then here is something you should read.

The producers of Aagadu are the prestigious 14 Reels Entertainment Banner and they have gone ahead and captured all the screens at the famous Prasads Multiplex. It is heard that the first show which starts at 8.45 am in the large screen as well as the regular screens, all tickets have been taken by the 14 Reels group.

Buzz is that they have invited their close friends, family circles, fans of Mahesh and all their known persons to watch the film. This would mean that a few thousand tickets are taken by this group. This goes to show the kind of confidence they have on the film. Get set for the big day folks!