Aagadu ticket costlier than 15000!

By - September 18, 2014 - 12:48 PM IST

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It is a common phenomenon you see whenever a star hero film is on the anvil for release. Tickets are sold in black and the rates touch the peak. But what would you do if you are offered Rs 15000 for a ticket? Something like that has happened now. So let us see how the ticket holder responded to it.

The film Aagadu is all set for a big release worldwide and a fan of Mahesh moved heaven and earth and finally got one ticket successfully. On the other side, a businessman who is also a big fan of Mahesh was desperate for a ticket and through some common contacts he got to know about this fan.

So, the fan was approached by him and he said “You can give that ticket to me and watch the film later.” For this, the fan casually said “How much will you give?”. The businessman replied “I will give you Rs 15000.” Guess what happened? The fan said “I don’t want that money. I have to see Mahesh Babu so please try somewhere else.” Can you fathom that? 

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