Ram Gopal Varma In 'Aagadu'

By - September 18, 2014 - 12:53 PM IST

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has earned the reputation of being a very controversial figure than a successful director these days. But irrespective of his recent credentials, the eccentric genius commands a lot of respect and affection from the film fraternity. Almost three out of six films tend to take his name as part of their dialogues or scenes.

Reports are coming from Filmnagar that Ram Gopal Varma is part of the big ticket flick Aagadu as well. If you can recall, in the blockbuster flick Dookudu, RGV’s picture was used at a hilarious moment. Now, the buzz is that RGV’s reference is there in Aagadu as well and it also comes at a crucial phase in the film. There is also a dialogue upon him to which the Censor board suggested some modifications.

This has got the RGV fans wondering as to where Ramu fits in and how it is going to be. They say that director Sreenu Vaitla has the habit of picking up a celebrity or two and do some parody which provides the highlight entertainment for audience. We have to see how he has used Ram Gopal Varma in Aagadu now.

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