BirthAnniversarySpl: Fantastic 5 of Dharmavarapu

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Telugu Cinema is well appreciated for its great comedy and crystal clear diction thanks to actors like Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam. His sparkling smile, funny expressions and amazing diction can never be forgotten by Telugu Audience.  Dharmavarapu’s unique screen persona can never be forgotten by Telugu Film Lovers despite his untimely death last year. On the eve of his birth anniversary, iQlikmovies brings you the five fantastic characters adorned by this talented actor:

Lovable Father in Swathi Kiranam: Dharmavarapu’s brilliant acting as the doting yet strict father to Gangadharam ( Master Manjunath) in this film is unforgettable. His determination in making his son a great carnatic singing exponent, and the disappointment when the latter fails to make an impression in front of Anantha Sharma (Mammotty) speaks mountains about the acting abilities of Dharmavarapu. He makes sure the tinge of comedy isn’t missed even in a serious character of this sort.

Flattering Employee in Mr.Pellam: This is another interesting role adorned by Dharmavarapu in Bapu’s artistic classic Mr.Pellam. He plays a subservient employee who is all praises for Gopala Krishna (AVS), his boss.  This character is a fitting example of many such individuals who blindly praise their boss in order to gain their goodwill. “What a wonderful Idea sir!”- is the so called Ramana’s touch in dialogues for Dharmavarapu’s fantastic diction!

Funniest Lecturer in Anandam:  Dharmavarapu’s portrayal of a lecturer who favors female students with hilarious style is one of the backbones of this film. Srinu Vaitla explores the best of Dharmavarapu with peculiar dialogue diction and amazing acting talents exhibited by the latter! In fact, this role has become so influential that Dharmavarapu got a series of lecturer roles after the success of this film!

Balasubrahmanyam : The Mike Owner in Manmadhudu:  This is one of the most hilarious characters played by Dharmavarpu in his acting career. Trivikram’s brilliance of dialogues is put to best result by Dharamavarapu. Nobody can forget the single word counter between Nagarjuna and Dharmavarapu: “Joke- Mike!”

Passport Officer in Okkadu: During the days when owning a cell phone was like a status symbol, Dharmavarapu plays the role of a passport officer who is obsessed with his new possession – mobile phone! The diction in which he delivers “9-8-4-8-0-3-2-9-1-9” with the air of laziness and clarity is the highlight of this film.

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